Born in New Jersey -- Mark Hansen is an activist, technologist, and phsyical/organics researcher.

After living with environmental and human rights activists in the U.K. they studied at Rutgers to earn a degree in Anthropology, American Studies, and Visual Art. While in New Jersey, they worked on food and housing accessibility before learning programming to build tools that could counter corruption. Since then, they've worked worked globally with startups, non-profits, and governments to reduce suffering.

Their work has been featured in Fast Company, TIME Magazine, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Y-Combinator.

Currently, they are engineering microbial communities and researching open system bioengineering to reduce atmoshperic methane and fight climate change.

Mark Hansen


A lawsuit to ensure poor people can access their rights


Building Foundational Tech/Team for Asylum Advocacy



Shipping 2 million lines of build that cleared $250 million debt and beating Credit Karma, LegalZoom, and Intuit at their own game.

Mentor to help people impacted by incarceration get their first foot into tech


Building a tech ecosystem in Gaza City to bring income in a emprisoned people in our generations aparateid.


Wearable AI Device for Annotating/Querying Scientific Work

Nonprofit tech trade secret sharing to support a sector taking on for-profit vultures.


Machine learning tooling to uncover violent police officers and creating a national database of offenses


Augmented constituent services for government with machine learning and text based comms running in 4 east coast cities.

My long game attempt to be gov tech infrastructure across the U.S. and expose contractors abusing gov procurement.